Add Another Website

To add another website don't create a new account just a new website.                

In case you want to create another website we recommend not to create an entirely new account but to be able to manage both websites with one account and one login from your backend.

To set up a new website just follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to "My Websites"

Go to your "Menu" and select "My Websites"

Step 2: Add a new website

  • Click on the "Add new Website" Button

  • Fill in the required information in the new window (select a name for your new website, select if you want a single- or a multi-property site and assign an existing property if wanted)

  • Click "Create" and your new website will appear in your list "My Websites". You can now start to edit it.

NOTE: You cannot create a new website if you are still in your "Trial Version", and you can only publish your new website once you have bought a subscription for it.

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