Calendar & Reservation System

Check your property's availability and bookings using the "Reservation System".  

Go to "Menu" and select "Reservation System" or click on the calendar icon on the right of your top navigation.

In the "Bookings" Tab you can:

  • Search "Bookings" and "Booking Requests".
  • Manage your "Bookings" and "Booking Requests".
  • Create new "Bookings".
  • Download your "Booking Report".

In the "Calendar" tab you can:

  • View and manage your "Availability Calendar".
  • Create a "Closed Period".

In the "Settings" tab you can:

  • Change the "Email Notification Settings".
  • Import or export your calendar to and from External Listing Sites via iCal.
  • Manage your Mailbox.

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