Design, Customize and Publish Your Website

Design and customize your vacation rental website using this guide.                      

Choose between a range of templates, add properties, define the rates of your property and establish your contact details. To customize your website, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Go to the "Design" section of your Website

  • Choose the website you want to edit, click on "Edit" and select "Design".

Here you can:

  • Choose a template and theme.   
  • Choose a Color Palette.

  • You can edit the palette and change the color for your Logo, Links, Buttons and Background.
  • Upload a Background Image.

NOTE: The change of the background colour or image is only visible in the Capucine Template.

  • Choose a Logo and Logo Text.
  • Change Fonts.

Step 2: Set up your Properties

  • Go into "Properties" and edit/add your property details.

Step 3: Customize your Pages

  • Customize and edit your pages by adding or removing Widgets.

NOTE: You can move Widgets around by "drag and drop"

  • Pages with a little "House Icon" are standard pages set up by Lodgify
  • Pages with a "Page Icon" are custom created pages by yourself

Final Step: Preview Version and Live Version

"Preview" and "Publish" your website by clicking on your domain name.

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