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Instantly view the design changes you make using the Preview feature.              

There are two ways to preview your website. 

Option 1: Access the "Preview" via the "Design" Page

The "Design" page is split into two horizontal screens, divided by a green bar. By clicking on the green bar in the center, you can hide the design selection panel and preview your website in full screen.

Option 2: Click on the "Eye" icon on the top navigation bar when you move your cursor through the name of your page

No matter in which section of your website you are, if you hover your mouse over your website name in the left top corner you can choose "Preview Version" from the drop-down menu. Another window will open up showing the "Preview" of your website. Once your site is published, you can also view the "Live Site" by following the same steps.

NOTE: If you have published your page and haven't made any further changes the "Preview" will not be available.

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