How to Add a Manual Refund

If you want to make a refund of a payment follow these steps:                                    

NOTE: Refunds in the Lodgify Reservation System are currently only to ensure your "Transaction Records" are up-to-date and reflect your payments received/refunded correctly. You will still need to make the actual payment to your customer via Stripe, Paypal, bank transfer or cash.

Step 1: Enter your Booking

  • Go to your "Reservation System" and enter the booking you want to edit.
  • Scroll down to the "Transactions" Box.
  • Click onto the little "Plus Icon" next to the amount you want to refund and select "Add manual refund".

NOTE: Each Transaction needs to be refunded separately. If you have received three payments as in the example above you need to make three separate refunds in order to reflect the refund of the full amount. 

NOTE: You can only add a manual refund once the scheduled payments or refunds (shown in the "Quote" Box) have been paid. If the link "Add manual refund" in the "Transactions" Box is disabled, it means that the user has an unfinished (i.e. overdue) scheduled payment/refund that first needs to be paid (or marked as paid).

Step 2: Add the Refund

  • Insert the amount you want to refund in the provided field and click "Confirm".

NOTE: The maximum refund you can make is the amount of the actual payment received, i.e. 30.00€ as in the example. You can refund less, but not more.

  • A new window will pop-up to inform your guest of the refund. Click "Send".

  • Your refund is now shown in your "Transaction Record".

NOTE: If you haven't done so before, you would need to update your "Quote" to reflect the correct "Balance Due".

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