How to Delete a Booking

Follow these steps to delete a booking or booking request.                                          

NOTE: Bookings with an "Agreed" Quote cannot be deleted. You would first need to cancel the booking before it can be deleted (see How to Cancel a Booking with an Agreed Quote).

There are two different ways to delet a booking or booking request that you rejected or no longer want in your Reservation System.

Option 1: Enter your Booking and Move to Trash

  • Go to your Reservation System and enter the booking you want to delete.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Move this booking to trash".

  • The booking will be deleted directly from the list on the left and you will have a note at the top to recover the deleted booking by clicking on the link provided.

Option 2: Select the Booking(s) and Move to Trash

This Option is especially useful if you have several bookings that you want to delete.

  • Go to your Reservation System and click "Select" underneath your "Bookings List".

  • Tick the boxes next to the bookings you want to delete. The red number below next to "Mark" shows you how many bookings you have selected. 

  • Click on "Mark" and select "Move to Trash".

  • "Confirm" to delete the selected bookings.

The bookings will be directly deleted from the list.

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