How to Recover a Deleted Booking

Follow these steps if you have deleted a booking and want to recover it into your booking list.            

Step 1: Enter your Filters

Go to your Reservation System and click on the little "Filter Icon" next to the Search Box.

Step 2: Go to "Trash"

Scroll down the list of filters to the bottom and click on "Trash" so that the little "Tick Icon" appears next to it. Then click "Apply Filter".

All deleted bookings will now appear in the list. To recover one or more bookings there are two options:

Option 1: Enter the Booking you want to Recover

Enter the booking you want to recover and click onto the link provided at the top.

The booking has now disappeared from the list of deleted bookings.

Option 2: Select several Bookings to Recover

Go to the bottom of the list of your deleted bookings and click on "Select".

Select the bookings you want to recover by ticking the boxes. Then click "Recover items".

The bookings have now been recovered and disappeared from the list of deleted bookings.

Step 3: Return to Bookings

To return to your bookings go back onto the litte "Filter Icon".

Either deselect the "Trash" Filter so that the little "Tick Icon" next to it disappears and click "Apply Filter" or simply click "Clear Filters".

Your bookings all appear now in your Bookings List again.

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