Create a booking without a quote

A booking without a quote is the simplest way to manually insert a booking or booking request which you received via an external source, e.g. via phone or facebook. As the booking has no price associated with it you would need to calculate the price and manage the payments outside of Lodgify.

💡 NoteIf you receive a booking request via email, learn how to forward it directly to the reservation system

Bookings received via phone or facebook can be created either in the Reservation System or the Calendar.

How to get there...
In Reservation System
  1. Go to Menu and select Reservations.
  2. On the left navigation panel, click the green button Create Booking and select Create Booking.
In Calendar
  1. Go to Menu and select Calendar.
  2. In the top right corner, click Create Booking and select Create Booking.
💡 Note: You can also simply click on the calendar on the start date and then click on the end date. A little window will pop up where you can select to create a booking for the selected dates. See

Then, a slide-in window appears to the right side of the screen: fill in the fields Booking Detail and Guest, and decide if you want to Save as OpenBooked or Tentative.

💡 Note: If you want to add a quote, find out here how to do it.

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