How to Reject a Booking Request

Follow this guide if you receive a new booking request which you would like to decline.

In the case that you don't accept direct bookings but only accept bookings after your confirmation, you can evaluate which request to accept and which ones to decline. In order to reject a booking request follow these steps:

Step 1: Enter your Booking

  • Go to your "Reservation System" and enter the booking request which is marked in green with the Booking Status "Open".
  • If it is a new booking request you will see a notification in blue to "Reject" or "Accept".

NOTE: If for some reason you have decided to close the blue notification without rejecting or accepting the request you can click onto the Quote Status "Pending by Owner" and select "Reject".

Step 2: Notify the Guest

Once you click "Reject", a new message window will open up to notify the client of the rejection of the booking request. You can always individualize the message. Then click "Send".

The booking request will now appear in your Reservation System marked in grey with the Booking Status "Declined" and the Quote Status "Rejected".

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