How to Confirm a Booking Inquiry if you Do Not Accept Payments

If you have configured your Payment Settings to "Don't accept payments" you need to follow these steps to confirm a Booking Inquiry:

With the Payment Setting "Don't accept payments" you can only receive booking inquiries via your website which then need to be confirmed or declined in your Reservation System. 

Step 1: Enter your Booking

Go to your "Reservation System" and enter the booking request which is marked in green with the Booking Status "Open".

Step 2: Confirm the Booking

Click onto the green "Open" button and select "Book" from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Inform the Guest

A new window will open up automatically with an email to inform your guest that you have accepted the booking. Click "Send".

The Booking now appears as "Booked" in red.

NOTE: You can freely edit the booking or the prices at any point and send manual payment requests.

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