How to Add or Edit Notes in a Booking

To add or edit a note in booking follow these steps:   


Step 1: Enter your Booking

  • Go to your "Reservation System" and enter the booking you want to add the note to. 
  • Go to your "Booking" Box and click on the little "Pencil" Icon.
  • Select "Add note" from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Add a Note

In the new window that will pop-up you can enter the required note. Then click "Save".

The note will appear at the bottom of your "Booking" Box.

Step 3: Edit the Note or add another one

Once you have a note in your Booking and click back onto the little "Pencil" Icon in your "Booking" Box you can select "Edit Note" from the drop-down-menu.

Edit the note or simply add another one underneath. Then click "Save".

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