Guest Cancels a Booking

If a booking is confirmed/agreed but your guest needs to cancel, follow these steps:              

Step 1: Enter your Booking

  • Go to your "Reservation System" and enter the booking you want to cancel.
  • Go to your "Quote" Box and click on the booking's status "Agreed".
  • Then select "Guest cancels".

Step 2: Guest cancels

  • An email notification to send to the guest will pop-up informing him/her of the cancellation. 

  • The "Balance Due" in your "Transactions" Box will now be shown as 0,00€.

NOTE: By Lodgify policy no refund of prepayments will be suggested in case of cancellation by the guest. If you still want to issue a refund you will have to do so manually by clicking on the little "Plus Icon".

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