Set up booking and cancellation policies

Policies define the terms of payment schedules, cancellations and damage deposits. You can create as many policies as you like and then associate them with your properties. Note that if you have several rental/room types in the same property, all rental types will need to have the same policy.

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Create a booking policy

To create a new policy, do the following:

  1. Go to Menu and select Settings.
  2. A new page appears. From the left menu bar select Policies and in the top right corner click Create Policy.
  3. A slide-in window appears on the right side of the screen.
    • In Add Policy: Choose a policy name, for example, 10% Prepayment - No security deposit.
    • In Payment Schedule: choose the number of payments and decide when you want to collect them. Find out how to set up your Payment Schedule
    • In Guest Cancellation: choose the cancellation policy. Read more
      If you choose...
      Fully refundable
      All prepayments are fully refundable to your guests in case they cancel the booking.
      Partially refundable
      You must add at least one rule. Click Add Rule and then choose:
      • What amount: decide if you want to refund in case of cancellations, a percentage of all prepayments or a flat amount. The flat amount uses the currency you selected.
      • When: how long before arrival your guests can cancel their booking in order to get a refund.
      All prepayments are non-refundable to your guests in case they cancel the booking.

    • In Damage deposit: choose whether to activate the collection of a damage deposit or not. If you activate it, you should specify a percentage of the total booking value or a flat amount.
      💡 Note: This charge will not be added to the booking quote because it is usually handled in cash upon arrival. The guests will only be notified that a damage deposit is required.
    • In Quote Expiry: Select the time for how long the Quote will be valid. You can choose between 1 hour and 720 hours (=30 days). If the guest has not confirmed the booking after that time, the quote will expire.

After completing the booking, your guest will receive a confirmation email which contains a complete breakdown of your policy. 

💡 Note: Once you have created your policy don't forget to associate it to your property. 

Associate a booking policy to your property

To associate a previously created booking policy to one of your properties, do the following:

  1. Go to Menu and select My Properties.
  2. A new page appears. Select the property that you want to associate the policy to, click Edit and select Rates.
  3. Under Default Rate, select a policy from the drop-down menu.
  4. Scroll down the page and click Save.

💡 Note: Currently you can only associate one policy per property which applies to all Season Rates and Room/Property types.

Find policies on your website

Your policies appear in several different places on your website or during the booking process in order to make your guest aware of the payment schedule and cancellation policies. 

Rates pageOn the Rates page of your website, scroll down to Policies.
Check-out pageIn step 3 of the check-out the payment schedule and will appear in the booking summary on the right.

💡 Note: The payment schedule and cancellation policies only appear at checkout if you have a payment method configured.
Booking confirmation email Once your guest has made the booking or requests to book he will also receive a confirmation email which contains all the details as well as policies.

💡 Note: The payment schedule and cancellation policies only appear in the email if you have a payment method configured.

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