Set up and edit automatic email notifications

With Lodgify you can setup auto-email responses which are automatically sent when certain conditions are triggered, for example when a guest completes a booking.

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Setup automatic emails

Automatic emails save you a lot of time. Follow the steps below to learn how to set them up and how to edit their content.

  1. Go to Menu and select General Settings
  2. On the left navigation bar, select Email Notifications
  3. You can edit the email notifications of three recipients:
  4. Use the ON or OFF buttons to amend the notification settings of those recipients                                                                                                                                                                   πŸ’‘Note: some of the settings are greyed out and cannot be amended. For example, in Guest makes a contact inquiry you can decide whether the Account will receive email notifications each time a guest makes an inquiry, however you cannot turn this notification off for the Guest or the Listing contact.
  5. Click the pencil icon to edit the content of your emails.
  6. A pop-up window appears. Please note the following:

    • The curly brackets in the email body represent attributes that the software recognizes and automatically fills with booking information or guests’ details. Find here a list of attributes and their use.
      For example, when sending the email, Hello {{GuestName}} automatically becomes Hello Adam Smith. Pay attention when editing the text of your email notifications; a slight modification of those attributes and the automatic recognition will not work any longer. If you want to add an automatic attribute to your email, use the drop-down menu placed at the top right of the pop-up window.
      πŸ’‘ Note: if the drop-down is greyed-out, click on the email subject or email body first and it will become available.
    • Use the top-left drop-down menu to select languages: you should customize the message in all the languages you use for your website. Please note that currently only some of them have fully translated text by default. 
    • Use Send test email to review a live version of the email. It will be sent to the Account holder's email address taking the latest booking in your reservation system as an example.
    • Use Restore default if you want to reset your edits.

Email triggers and settings

Each email is triggered automatically by a certain action in your account. Some of these triggers are set by default and some can be switched on/off for the Guest, Owner or Account holder.

EventGuest notificationListing Contact notificationAccount notification
Guest makes a contact enquiry
πŸ’‘ You have a contact form on your website and a guest sends you a message to ask a question
OnOnSwitch on/off
Guest makes a booking request
πŸ’‘ You have disabled Instant Bookings and a guest makes a booking enquiry
OnOnSwitch on/off
Guest makes a Call me back request
πŸ’‘ You have a 'Call me back' Widget on your website and a guests requests you to call them
Owner requests payment
πŸ’‘ The owner makes a manual request to guest for outstanding payment to be made
Owner requests scheduled payment 3 days before due date
πŸ’‘ You have configured 2 or more payments in your Payment Schedule and want to send out payment requests automatically.
Switch on/off
Switch on/off
Switch on/off
Set as declined
πŸ’‘ Booking request declined
Switch on/offOffOff
Set as tentativeSwitch on/offOffOff
Set as bookedSwitch on/offOffOff
Two days before renter arrival
πŸ’‘ Reminder email two days before the arrival of the guest
Switch on/offOffOff
Renter submits reviewSwitch on/offOnSwitch on/off
Two days after renter departureSwitch on/offOffOff
Imported Booking from Email
πŸ’‘ Email Parsing is activated and you receive a new booking via your parsing partner
OffSwitch on/offOff
Owner Sends QuoteOnOffOff
Guest Makes PaymentOnSwitch on/offSwitch on/off
Guest Payment FailedOffSwitch on/offSwitch on/off
Owner Cancels BookingOnSwitch on/offSwitch on/off
Owner Issue RefundsOnOffOff
Guest Cancels BookingOnSwitch on/offSwitch on/off
Guest cancelsOnSwitch on/offSwitch on/off
Owner Confirms BookingOnOffOff
Owner Rejects Booking
Guest Makes Change Request
πŸ’‘ Guest requests a change of the booking
OnOnSwitch on/off
Owner Accepts Change RequestOnOffOff
Owner Rejects Change RequestOnOffOff
Guest Expires Quote
πŸ’‘ Guest hasn't accepted/rejected a quote in over one week, hence the quote expired
OnOnSwitch on/off
Guest Expires Quote Reminder
πŸ’‘ After sending a reminder to the guest to accept the quote and he still hasn't accepted/rejected, hence quote expired
OnOnSwitch on/off
Owner Expires QuoteOnOnSwitch on/off
Owner Expires Quote ReminderOffOnSwitch on/off
Owner Expires Change RequestOnOnSwitch on/off
Owner Expires Change Request ReminderOffOnSwitch on/off
Guest Makes BookingOnOnSwitch on/off
Owner forwards email to Lodgify mailboxSwitch on/offOffOff

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