Create or Delete a Closed Period

To create a closed period, follow these steps.                       

Step 1: Go to the "Reservation System"

Go to "Menu" and select "Reservation System" or click on the calendar icon on the right of your top navigation.

Step 2: Create a "Closed Period"

  • Go into your "Calendar" Tab and click on "Create Closed Period".

  • Define the room type and the period when you want to show it as unavailable. You can also add an optional comment to remind you why this period is closed.

  • Then click on “Set Period as Closed”.
  • The respective unit/units of our property will accordingly show "unavailable" in the calendar for the defined period.
  • The relevant period will be shown as "unavailable" (in black) in your availability calendar.

Step 3: Delete or Change the Closed Period

  • Hover the mouse over the blocked period until the details appear, then click on the "Comment".

  • Make any changes needed in the new window that pops up or simply select "Delete".

  • The closed period is now deleted from your calendar.

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