How to Search & Filter Bookings

This guide teaches you how to search and filter your bookings.             

In your Reservation System, the default order of your “Booking & Inquiries” is set to show you all the “Last modified” bookings first in the list.

If you want to search or filter your bookings in a certain way you have two different options:

Option 1: Search by Name or Booking ID

To search a specific reservation through the guest's name or the booking ID, use the search tool: Just type the name of the guest, or the booking ID and click "Enter".

Option 2: Filter your Bookings

To filter your bookings click on the little "Filter" Icon next to the Search box.

Here you can select between different Categories, sort by Booking Status, sort by Quote Status or filter bookings moved to Trash.

Just select the filters you want to apply by clicking on the Category or Status so that the little "Tick" Icon appears. Then click "Apply Filter".

All bookings corresponding to this filter will now appear in the list.

NOTE: To "unfilter" your bookings go back into the Filter and either remove the "Tick" Icon(s) and click "Apply Filter" or simply click "Clear Filters".

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