Send a Message to the Renter

To send a message to a renter, follow these steps.                                      

Step 1: Go to "Reservation System"

Go to "Menu" and select "Reservation System" or click on the calendar icon on the right of your top navigation.

Option 1: Send a message to the Renter

To exchange messages in your "Reservation System" follow these steps:

  • Enter the respective booking/inquiry and click on the little "Messages" Icon in the right top corner. 

  •  A new window will open up showing all conversations with the guest and the option to send a message. Click into the field "Write your message".

  • Write your message and click "Send"

NOTE: If you have configured a "Canned response" in your Email settings you can always click "Canned responses" to select the apropriate one from the drop-down menu instead of writing a new message each time manually (see Set up Automatic Email Notifications and Canned Responses).

  • The messages sent will be saved inside the conversation.

Option 2: Send an email to the Renter

When you receive a booking or inquiry, a notification is also sent to you via email with all the details.

  • Use the "Reply" button in the notification email and send an email back to the Renter.
  • The messages will be saved inside the "Reservation System".

NOTE: If you send an email directly to the Renter's email address without clicking "Reply", your correspondence history will not be saved.

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