Send a message to the guest

To send a message to a guest you have two different options, either you enter your reservation system and send the message directly from there, or you can reply to him via email. Each booking has a unique Email String (i.e. which ensures that all messages are recorded in the respective booking.

Send a message via the reservation system
  1. Go to Menu and select Reservations (or Calendar).
  2. Enter the respective booking / inquiry and click on the little Messages icon in the right top corner.
  3. A new window will open up showing all conversations with the guest and the option to send a message. Click on the field Write your message or select one of your Canned responses from the drop-down menu. Learn how to set up canned email responses.
💡 Note: All messages sent this way and replies from your guest will be saved inside the booking.
Send an email
When you receive a booking or inquiry, a notification is also sent to you via email with all the details.
💡 Note: You will receive the notification to the email address you have configured in the property contact information.
To send an email back to the guest always reply directly to the notification email or ensure to have the booking's unique Email String CC'd in. Only then, the conversation will be saved inside the booking for proper detail tracking. 

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