View and Interprete Your Availability Calendar

To view your availability calendar, follow these steps.                             

Step 1: Go to "Reservation System"

Go to "Menu" and select "Reservation System" or click on the calendar icon on the right of your top navigation.

Step 2: View your "Availability Calendar"

  • Click onto the "Calendar" Icon.

  • In the "Reservation System", the calendar shows a clear view of the availability of your properties. By default it displays the next 6 months for up to 6 of your properties (you can change your view in the drop-down menu until up to 18 months).
  • To see all your properties click "Select all"

  • Light green fields show fully available periods.
  • Dark green fields show partially available periods (this only applies if you have more than one unit available).
  • Booking details are shown by hovering the mouse over the period

  • Yellow fields show tentative bookings.

  • Red fields show booked periods via Lodgify. If there are back-to-back bookings they will be shown in two different tones of red to mark the difference between the bookings.

  • Black fields show closed periods that you marked as unavailable.

  • Grey fields show booked periods from imported bookings via external channels like Airbnb or VRBO.

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