Add Customized Amenities

Personalize your website to show off your property’s best amenities.                

If your apartment or room offers something we have not listed in the amenities, you can customize your own features.

Step 1: Go to "My Properties"

  • Select the property you want to edit, click onto "Edit" and go to "Overview".

Step 2: Customize your amenities

  • Scroll down to "Property details".
  • In order to add custom amenities in your "Key facts" click on "Custom Features".

  • To add custom amenities in your "Rental Types" click on "Custom Features" in that section.

  • Click into the empty field and select "Manage this list...".

Step 3: Add features

  • Add features to different groups: Room, Further info, Cooking, etc.
  • Click on "Add features to Rooms group" if you wish to add an amenity to your room.

Step 4: Add the description of your amenity

  • You can manage all your amenities: adding, editing and deleting whenever you wish. 

NOTE: If you delete/edit a custom feature from the list in one property it will be deleted/edited in all properties. 

Final Step: Now you can add your amenities

Choose the features you want to add. You can add as many as you wish.


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