Add Your Contact Details to the Property

To add your contact details to the property, follow these easy steps.                  

Step 1: Go to "My Properties"

  • Select the property you want to edit, click onto "Edit" and go to "Contact / Reviews".

Step 2: Fill in your contact details

  • Enter your contact details.
  • Indicate to your guests how many languages you speak.
  • Upload an avatar/profile picture.
  • Write a few words about yourself and introduce yourself to your website visitors.

Final Step: Save your changes or edit your details

  • Save your changes after you have entered your details.
  • If you would like to edit your main contact details after saving them, go to "My Account".
  • If you would like to use different contact details for your property, tick the button to "Use a different contact info for this House".
  • Then enter your alternative details.

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