Property details and amenities

Create your property description, define amenities and decide how to best set up your property/properties, considering that you might have a variety of rooms in the same house that you will want to rent out separately.

To set up your property's description and amenities:

  1. Go to Menu and select My Properties.
  2. Click Add property or choose the property you want to edit, click Edit and go to Overview
  3. Enter a property name and headline and create a description of the place. 💡 Note: You can automatically translate your property description.
  4. Select a Property Type accordingly from the drop-down list and choose the Key Facts of your property. 💡 Note: You can also add custom amenities.
  5. If you have a variety of different rooms in the same house or several bungalows on the same property etc. you can set up different Rental / Room Types for the property. 

💡 Note: If all the different rooms are the same, so they actually don't have any difference in amenities, you could choose to have several Units of the same Rental Type, however, if you want to import reservations from external sources such as we always recommend to set up each room as a separate Rental Type. In case your Rental Type is an apartment, don't confuse Units with the number of rooms that the apartment might have!

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