Create add-ons to add special services

Use Add-ons so that special services such as breakfast or airport pick-ups can be booked directly together with the room booking. Also, find out how to manage your Add-ons and apply restrictions.     

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Create an Add-on

  1. Go to Menu and select My Properties.
  2. Select the property you want to edit, click Edit and go to Rates.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the Add-on section. Then click Add an add-on to either add an existing one or create a new one.
  4. To create a new one:
    • Give your Add-on a name
    • Describe what the service includes
    • Upload an image (looks much more professional)
    • Select the charge type and  if it is fixed or a percentage

💡 Note: Don't forget to create the Add-on in different languages.

During check-out, your guest will see the Add-on in Step 3 of the check-out process. 

Manage your Add-ons

Once the Add-on is created you can select if you want to offer it with all properties or only specific ones and make amendments to the price. You can also decide at any point to deactivate or delete an Add-on.

RestrictionsIf you wish to offer the Add-on only for a certain room type/property or not offer it during a certain time of the year use the Restrictions.
  1. Go to the Add-on you want to edit and under Restrictions click the little pencil icon.
  2. Select for which room types/properties you want to offer your Add-on and Add a period when you don't want to offer the Add-on.
Use default Add-on price for all propertiesIf you wish to apply the same price of the add-on to all properties you applied this add-on to, switch on the Use default function. If you prefer to apply a different price for each property, switch it off.
Deactivate or Remove Add-on
If you wish to deactivate your Add-on for the moment or delete it, click on Active and select Inactive or Remove from the drop-down menu.

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