Delete or Hide a Property

Follow these steps to remove a property from your site.                           

In case you have created a trial property, or simply want to delete or hide a property from your website, here is how you do it.

Option 1: How to Hide a Property

Step 1: Go to the "Properties" section of your website

  • Choose the website you want to edit, click on "Edit" and select "Properties".


Step 2: Hide the property from your website

Select the property you want to hide from your website and click the "Hide" button. 

NOTE: The existing property will not be deleted! It just won't be visible anymore on your website. You will still be able to find it in the "My Properties" section and can always re-publish it on your website.

Option 2: How to Delete a Property

  • In order to delete a property, go into "Menu" and select "My Properties".

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  • Click onto the green or yellow button that marks the status of the property and select "Delete" from the drop-down-menu.

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NOTE: The property will be deleted and can not be recovered!

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