Locate the Position of Your Property on the Map

Follow these steps to add the location of your property on the map.                 

Step 1: Go to "My Properties"

  • Select the property you want to edit, click onto "Edit" and go to "Map / Gallery".

Step 2: Enter the Location Details

  • Enter the details step by step.

NOTE: Once you have selected the country, start typing in the name of the city and wait for the drop-down menu to load so you can choose your city from the menu. Only if you are sure that your city is not listed in Google Maps, contact our support team and they will assist you to add it manually.

  • Once you have entered all details (country, city, post code, address), your property will automatically be located on the map.
  • If you prefer not to show the exact address on your website tick the check-box "Do not show address in my listing".

Step 3: Manually drag & drop the needle (optional)

  • In case the needle on the map does not show the exact position of your property, you can manually use your mouse to drag & drop the needle to the right position.
  • Alternatively, if you know the exact latitude and longitude of your property, you can enter the coordinates in the corresponding boxes.

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