Add a rental agreement

A rental agreement helps to define rental rules and regulations for the client.         

Rental agreements can include check-in times, deposits, acceptance of pets, payment methods etc. The client will have to accept these conditions in order to proceed with the booking. 

💡Note: We do not provide a standard rental agreement but you can find various examples on the internet.

To add a rental agreement:

  1. Go to Menu and select My Properties.
  2. Select the property you want to add the rental agreement to, click Edit and go to Rates.
  3. Scroll down to Rental Agreement and click Add Rental Agreement.
  4. Write the agreement in several languages or translate it automatically unsing the Automatic translation tool.

💡Note: You could also add just a URL of a website where the rental agreement is already uploaded.

In the check-out, your client will have to click the check box I accept the rental conditions in order to proceed with the booking. See example

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