Manage your Airbnb Bookings Imported via the Channel Manager

If Lodgify is your central reservation system, use the Channel Manager to connect Airbnb.

Once you have set up the Channel Manager for Airbnb and you start receiving bookings you will see them in the following way:

NOTE: Only "confirmed bookings" are imported from Airbnb.

1. In your Calendar

All reservations imported from Airbnb via the Channel Manager appear in your Lodgify calendar like direct bookings in red color (for booked).

2. In your Bookings

Bookings imported from Airbnb will show in your bookings overview exactly as direct bookings via Lodgify, showing:

  • Guest name
  • Property
  • Check-in date
  • Number of nights

NOTE: The only difference is that the number of guests will always show as 1.

3. In your Reservation Details

In the booking's Reservation Details you will find information on:

  • Which property was booked
  • Dates of arrival and departure
  • Number of nights
  • Source will be shown as Airbnb

NOTE: You cannot make any changes to the booking or create a Quote in Lodgify, so to edit the booking you must log into Airbnb. To do so use the "Edit booking in Airbnb" link.

In the booking's Guest Details you will find information on:

  • Guest name
  • Airbnb email (so you can use the message board in your Lodgify Reservation System to communicate directly with your guest without having to log into Airbnb)
  • Phone number
  • Language preference

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