Which Type of Calendar Synchronization to Use - Channel Manager vs. Ical

Depending on the Channel, Lodgify offers different types of integrations.                            

For some Channels you can synchronize your reservation system via the Lodgify Channel Manager, other Channel can only be connected via an ical integration to synchronize Availability Calendars.

To get a better idea of which type of integration is available for your prefered Channels, or which integration to use, have a look at the following information.

Option 1: Lodgify Channel Manager

Lodgify offers an integrated Channel Manager which supports "Two-Way Integration" (= import & export of booking information) with:

  • 9Flats: Integration via API which offers a fast synchronization of your Availability Calendar and your Reservations.
  • Roomorama: Integration via API which offers a fast synchronization of your Availability Calendar, your Reservations and your Reviews.
  • Airbnb: Special integration via ical which offers a synchronization of your Availability Calendar and your Reservations.

We recommend to use the Channel Manager if you are using Lodgify as your Central Reservation System to handle your bookings.

Reservations imported from these Channels via the Channel Manager show in your Availability Calendar in red colour and provide you the following information on the booking:

  • Reservation Details:
    • Which property was booked
    • Dates of arrival and departure
    • Number of nights

NOTE: No prices will be shown. 

  • Guest Details:
    • Guest name
    • Email (so you can use the message board in your Lodgify Reservation System to communicate directly wIcalith your guest)
    • Phone number
    • Language preference

NOTE: You cannot make any changes to the booking in Lodgify, so to edit the booking you must log directly into your account, i.e. 9flats.

Option 2: Ical

Lodgify offers the option to import and export reserved or blocked periods to and from calendars via the iCalendar (ical) format. There is an endless list of Channels that offer standard integration via ical. Not all of them offer import as well as export but only "One-Way Integration". Some of the most important ones are:

  • Airbnb
  • Homeaway
  • OwnersDirect
  • FlipKey
  • Holidaylettings
  • Tripadvisor
  • HouseTrip
  • VRBO
  • OnlyApartments
  • Wimdu

In cases like Airbnb where you can choose between a standard ical integration or a special integration via the Channel Manager we recommend to use the standard ical option only if Lodgify is not used as your Central Reservation System but you are using for instance Airbnb to manage all your reservations.

Reserved and blockd periods imported/exported via ical show in your Lodgify Availbility Calendar in light grey. The only use is to ensure that all your Channel's Availability Calendars are up-to-date to prevent double bookings. These imported "reserved/blocked periods" do not provide any booking details and cannot be edited in Lodgify.

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