Calendar synchronization

Lodgify offers the option to synchronize the calendar of your external channels with your Lodgify calendar. 

1. Copy the Lodgify iCal URL.

2. Paste it into the calendar settings of your external channel.

💡 Find instructions about where to exactly paste Lodgify's iCal URL for each channel:

Import an external calendar to Lodgify

Importing will allow you to automatically keep your Lodgify calendar up to date with external calendars.

💡 Note: The imported information will be visible in the Calendar in light grey. No information will be imported into your Reservations.

  1. Go to Import Reservations and click on Calendar Import/Export Tool.
  2. To import a calendar, click Add calendar.
  3. A pop-up window appears. Insert the iCal URL.
  4. If you have more than one property, select the one corresponding to the iCal URL. Then insert the Source of the link and Confirm mapping.

The calendar auto-refreshes every 2h. If you need the import immediately click Synchronize now.

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