Connect Lodgify to Airbnb via Channel Manager

We show you how to activate a Two-Way Integration between Lodgify and Airbnb.       

Connecting your Lodgify account with Airbnb will ensure that:

  1. The availabilities of your Airbnb listings are reflected in your Lodgify Calendar.
  2. Reservation details from Airbnb bookings are automatically imported into your Lodgify Reservation System.

NOTE: We recommend to use the Channel Manager to import reservations from Airbnb only if you use Lodgify as your central reservation system. If you are using another channel as your central reservation manager such as Airbnb or VRBO we recommend to use our Calendar Import / Export Tool to syncronize your Lodgify Calendar with Airbnb. See Export and import your calendar via ical.

Step 1: Enable your Channel Manager 

For more information on how to do this, read Step 1 of our Channel Manager Guide and then come back to this article.

Step 2: Connect Lodgify to Airbnb

Step 3: Import your Reservation Details from Airbnb bookings via ical

  • Open a new browser window and go to your Airbnb account. Once logged in, go to your property's calendar and click on Availability settings

  • Scroll all the way down and click Sync Calendars

  • Go to Export Calendar and copy Airbnb's iCal URL of your property.

  • Return to Lodgify, and click Add Mapping.

  • Paste Airbnb's iCal URL into the textbox, map it to the correct property and Confirm mapping

NOTE: Only confirmed bookings are imported from Airbnb. All reservations imported from Airbnb via the Channel Manager appear like direct bookings in your Lodgify calendar (red color for booked).

Step 4: Export your calendar to Airbnb

In order to avoid double bookings and syncronize your Airbnb availability calendar with the bookings/closed periods from Lodgify you also need to export this information to Airbnb.

  • In the Export Calendar section, select the Lodgify property which you would like to connect and copy the link address.

  • Return to Airbnb and go to the "Import Calendar" section.
  • Select your Airbnb property, paste the Lodgify URL and give it the name "Lodgify" and press Import this calendar.

Your Lodgify account is now Two-Way Integrated with Airbnb. 

NOTE: It can take a couple of hours until the calendars are synchronized.

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