How to add a new owner

To add external property owners manually to your system, follow these steps:                            

You can give external owners, whose properties are listed on your website, direct access to manage their properties or reservations. To do so, you can add each owner manually to the system.

Step 1: Go to your "Owners" Section 

Go into your "Menu" and select the "Owners" tab

Step 2: Add a new "Owner"

  • Click onto the red "Add Owner" button in the right top corner.

  • Fill in all the details and contact information.
  • If you don't want your clients to be able to see the owner's phone number on the website please tick the box "Do not show phone on my Website".
  • Select on which website the "Owner's" property can be found (important if you have more than one website).
  • IMPORTANT: Define which rights and accessabilities you want to give this "Owner".

  • Click "Update" to save the information.

Step 3: Confirm "Owner Account"

  • The "Owner" will receive an email to verify his account by clicking the link provided.

  • By clicking on the link the "Owner" will be directed to the "Owner Account Page" to create a password for his account login and fill in missing information.

NOTE: As long as the account is not complete the "Owner" will appear as "Pending".

You can always resend or cancel the account invitation selecting "Resend"/ "Cancel" from the drop-down menu under the "Pending" Button

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to also add an "Owner Login Widget" on one of your pages where your "Owners" can log into their accounts.

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