How to manage your owner accounts

To manage your Owners' Accounts you can configure a variety of settings.                                      

Step 1: Go to Go to your "Owners" Section 

Go into your "Menu" and select the "Owners" tab

Step 2: Change account "Settings"

  • Click on the "Owner" name or email address.

  • The "Owner's" account information will appear. Here you can manage his access rights to your system and assign a specific property to him (If you want to unassign/delete a property from an Owner just click on the red "Unassign" button in the bottom right corner).

NOTE: "This owner can manage Property settings" means that they cannot create/delete custom festures, add-ons and promotions but can ONLY add existing ones.

  • Don't forget to click "Update".

NOTE: To disable or delete an Owner enter into the list of Owner Accounts and select "Delete" or "Disable" from the drop-down menu underneath the "Pending"/"Enabled" Button

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