Why do I have a green number on my reservation system icon?

This guide explains what the green numbers mean when you're in your dashboard.        

If you can see a green number on the calendar icon of your "Reservation System" it shows that you have received a new booking or inquiry.

In order to see these bookings/inquiries, enter into your Reservation System via the "Menu" or click onto the "Calendar Icon" (marked above).

The green number represents all your "Unread Messages".

If you have several of these "Unread Messages", you can search for them via the "Filter". 

In the Filter select "Unread" so that the little "Tick" icon appears next to it and click "Aplly Filter".

If you had seen these already in your email inbox and want to get rid of the green number on your calendar icon, you can simply click on "Select".

Select all the ones you want to show as "Read", click onto "Mark" and select "Read" from the drop-down menu.

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