Adding a logo gives to your website a more professional look and it may help you gaining credibility, reputation and trust from new online visitors.  

Some people hire a designer, other browse the web and look for a free or paid self-service page that allows to design and download personalized logos. If you do not have an image logo yet, create a text one that can be replaced at any time.

To add a logo:

  1. Go to Menu and select My websites.
  2. Choose the website that you want to add a logo to, click Edit and select Design
  3. In the tab Logo
    • Use Upload Image to add an image logo. We recommend using a .png format.
    • Use Logo Text to add a text to your website footer, which will show next to the copyright text. Usually the brand or property name are used for the logo text: the text is displayed in every page of your website and that may contribute to gain a higher SEO ranking. See an example
    • Use Subtitle Text to include a subtitle underneath your logo. That adds a more personal touch to your website. See an example

Note: If you do not upload an Image logo, then the Logo text will replace it. You can customize the font and the color of both the Logo text and the Subtitle Text and give them a more professional look. See an example

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