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Website colors play an important part when it comes to attracting online visitors. With Lodgify you can assign default and perfectly balanced color palettes to your vacation rental site or apply your personal style to it. To change the colors of your website, do the following:

  1. Go to Menu and select My Websites.
  2. Select the website that you want to amend, click Edit and select Design.
  3. Select the tab Colors and choose a default Color Palette or change any of the colors for the following items: 💡 Note: You can customize your colors and create your own color palette. If you need more ideas on color palettes, try Colorbook.
    • Logo: This refers to the Text Logo and Logo Tagline.
    • Buttons and actions.
    • Links.
    • Header Background: The first button changes the background color, the second one changes the color of the font.

                    💡 Note: In the Capucine design template this refers to the Body Background.

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