Photos represent your business card when guests land on your website. Our templates are built to showcase your properties thanks to big background photos, pictures galleries and slideshows.
Learn how to upload and order your photos, reformat and resize them and depending from your template, use them as background for your vacation rental website. 

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Uploading photos

You can upload photos once you have added properties to your site. 

Learn how to upload: 

  • Homepage slideshow photos
    1. Go to Menu and select My Websites.
    2. Select the website in which you want to upload the photo slideshow to, click Edit and select Pages
    3. In Main Navigation Home, hover-over the upper widget bar until you see the pencil icon appearing at the bottom-right side of the widget and click it
    4. A pop-up window appears. Click Upload images to import your photos.
    5. Click on your photos once they are uploaded: a pop-up window appears.
    6. In Edit caption add short tail keywords for each photo
    7. In Slideshow Headline add a description which will appear on the homepage slideshow

  • Property slideshow photos
    1. Go to Menu and select My Properties.
    2. Select the website in which you want to upload the photo slideshow to, click Edit and select Map/Gallery
    3.  Scroll down to Gallery
      • Use the section General Property Photos to upload photos which are common to the property. 
      • Use the consecutive sections to upload photos belonging to each of the apartments or rooms within the property.
    4. Add short tail keywords for each photo
    5. To tidy up, you can Drag & Drop your photos to reorder them or delete them using the bin icon
    6. Scroll down to the end of the page and click Save. 

Photos file size

The guidelines below will guide you to choose the ideal picture size for your chosen template. 

  • Your photos may have a different size than below. If you decide to resize them, remember to keep the height and width ratio to avoid your pictures to stretch.
  • File size matters! We recommend using a maximum of 400KB per photo. For big background pictures, you can go up to 1MB.
    Note: Usually .jpgs have smaller file sizes than .pngs. To compress your photos to a smaller file size but maintain the quality, you can use free online tools such as Compress JPEG.
Ideal size in pixels
Homepage slideshow
  • Brooklyn
  • Tideway
1366 X 900
Homepage slideshow
Livingstone 1366 X 620
Homepage background
Capucine 1366 X 900
Homepage slideshow
Capucine 960 X 540
Property Slideshow
  • Brooklyn
  • Capucine
  • Livingstone
  • Tideway
880 X 540

Note: your photos may adjust to fit the templates' frame, and this may happens especially when seeing your website through a mobile device. Some of the details in the borders may get hidden because of that

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