Domain names are used to establish a unique web identity. Organisations usually choose a domain that corresponds to their name, helping internet users to reach them easily. With Lodgify you can either link your own domain if you had one previously or register a new one which can be personalised when you sign up for yearly subscriptions. Check our blog article that contains tips on how to choose a new domain name. 

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Register a new domain

When you sign-up to Lodgify, we automatically create your domain based on your user name. With a yearly subscription, you have the great advantage of getting a free, personalised one!

A personalised domain name will help you ranking higher in the Google search results. See the article Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

If you have chosen a yearly or biyearly subscription, follow these steps to register your personalised domain:

  1. Go to Menu and select My Websites.
  2. Choose the website you want to amend, click Edit and select Settings
  3. Select the Domain tab.
  4. Click Register free domain.
  5. A pop-up window appears. Enter your domain name, choose the domain extension and then click Check domain.

    Important: double check the spelling. You cannot change the domain name after the registration.

  6. Review the legal agreement and click Register domain.
  7. You will be redirected to the previous page. Click Make default domain and click Save.

It could take up to 48 hours for the domain registration to be completed. To check if your domain has been published, check directly your URL on an internet web page.

Associate an existing domain to your Lodgify website

If you already have a domain, you can keep it and choose to: 

  • Retain your old provider and do the admin yourself. To do so, follow these steps
    To complete this process, you will need to edit the settings of both your Lodgify page and your DNS Manager.  

    On Lodgify
    1. Go to Menu and select My Websites.
    2. Choose the website you want to amend, click Edit and select Settings.
    3. Select the Domain tab
    4. Click Link existing domain.
    5. A pop-up window appears. Enter your domain address, review the configuration settings and click Accept.

    On your Domain Provider (where your domain is hosted)
    1. Find a section which is usually called DNS provider
    2. Create 2 A records
    3. Set up one of the A record as Type: Record A. IP address:  
    4. Set up the second A record as Type: Record A. IP address:

    Note: It may take a few hours before the DNS changes become effective.

  • Transfer your existing domain over to Lodgify. Yearly and biyearly subscribers, also have the advantage of having Lodgify doing the admin for them! To do so, follow these steps
    1. Log into your domain provider account or contact their support team to get the Transfer Authorization Code.
    2. Contact us to request a transfer of domain from your external host to the Lodgify host. Please provide your domain name, the Transfer Authorization Code and the name of the host provider in the message. Our team will get in touch with your host provider directly and request approval for the domain transfer.
    Important: This process could take up to 5 days to be completed, and the website may experience some downtime period.

Redirect URLs

If you already had a website before Lodgify you should redirect all the URLs from your previous website to your Lodgify one in order to save your historical Google ranking. To do so, download this Excel spreadsheet, fill it in following the examples provided and send it to us right after deactivating your existing domain or redirecting it to Lodgify. 

Error message: DNS address could not be found

If you receive this error message:

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