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Your website could feature one or more forms of payment. This article explains how to set those and what to do when you do not receive direct payments with bookings.   

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Configure forms of payment for your guest’s bookings

You can accept Credit Card (via PayPal or Stripe) and/or Bank transfers as forms of payment for your guest’s bookings.

  1. Go to Menu and select My Websites.
  2. Choose the website you want to amend, click Edit and select Settings.
  3. A new page appears. On the Booking System tab:
    If you want to...
    Configure credit card payments
    Select Accept payments by credit card. Choose if you want to connect with PayPal or Stripe and follow the instructions provided.


    • The guest will need a PayPal account but not a Stripe one to confirm the payment. Stripe will only ask the guest to confirm their credit card details while PayPal will request them to login into their account or to create a new one first.
    • Both forms of payment are available in certain countries only. See the full list for Paypal and Stripe
    • Review the commissions for receiving payments through PayPal and Stripe
    Configure Bank transfers
    Select the option Accept payments by bank transfer and fill all the required information.

    Note: if your bank account does not support an IBAN format, choose Other from the dropdown menu. 

    Your bank details will only be shared with the guests at the checkout page and via email only once they have confirmed the booking.
  4. Click Save at the bottom right of the screen.

We strongly recommend accepting credit cards - it will enhance your website's credibility. For more information, see our blog post 8 Reasons Why Your Vacation Rental Needs To Accept Credit Cards.

Why don't I receive direct payments with bookings?

Review your payments and rates settings. Have you…

  • Set your booking conditions to Instant Booking? When this setting is on, you do not have to review all booking requests manually.   
  • Set a reservation deposit? Use a Policy which contains a Reservation deposit if you want to accept online payments. You can decide the amount that you want to receive upfront, either as a fixed amount or as a percentage which can be as high as the 100% of the booking value. See Policies

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