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Your website could feature one or more forms of payment. This article explains how to accept credit cards, Paypal and bank transfers as forms of payment for your guest’s bookings. We strongly recommend accepting credit cards as it will enhance your website's credibility. For more information, see our blog post 8 reasons why your vacation rental needs to accept credit cards.

  1. Go to Menu and select General Settings.
  2. In the left navigation panel click Payments
    If you want to configure...
    Credit card payments
    💡 Note: Stripe is only available in certain countries, see the full list.  Also, review the commissions for receiving payments through Stripe. You might be charged a 1% Transaction Fee for each payment received. Sign up for Stripe Premium to avoid the Transaction Fee!

    1. Activate credit card payments
    2. Select Stripe, click Continue and the click Connect.
    3. You will be redirected automatically to Stripe. If you already have a Stripe account then click Sign in with Stripe to connect, if you don't have an account yet, go to Sign up in the top right corner. Then follow the instructions.
    Once the connection with Stripe is set up, your guests will be able to fill in their credit card details directly on the check-out page. You can also configure some additional settings in Lodgify.
    • In Scheduled Payment, you can decide to take the first, or all scheduled payments directly from the credit card without sending manual or automatic payment requests.
    • In Scheduled Refunds, you can decide if you want to directly refund a prepayment in case of cancellation, according to the settings in your cancellation policy (this feature will be released soon).
    • Verification you need to switch on only in the case that you accept Booking Requests and want to charge the credit card directly when accepting the booking. Find out more in Use cases for booking requests.

    Other Payment Gateways provides a list where you can select which payment portal you would like to have available in the future. We will implement more portals but it would be great to get your feedback on which ones you are interested in. So please select your preferred gateway, click Continue, Request Access, and then fill out the short questionnaire!
    With a Paypal business account, you can accept Paypal- as well as credit card payments

    💡 Note: 
    • Paypal is only available in certain countries. See the full list. 
    • Review the commissions for receiving payments through Paypal.
    • If you configure Paypal, each of your guests will need a Paypal account to make a payment.

    Activate Paypal and fill in the email address of your Paypal account and Save.
    If you don't have a Paypal Account yet, Sign up for free.
    💡 Note: In order to get notifications of payments received in Paypal, set up the following
    1. Log into your Paypal business account at
    2. Click the profile icon on the top right side of the page. From the Business Profile menu, select Profile and Settings, then select My selling tools.
    3. Click the Update link in the Instant payment notifications row, in the Getting paid and managing my risk section.
    4. Click Choose IPN Settings, and fill in the following URL:
    5. Then click Receive IPN messages (Enabled), and save.
    Bank transfers
    Select the option Accept payments by bank transfer and fill all the required information.

    💡 Note: If your bank account does not support an IBAN format, choose Other Bank Account from the drop-down menu. 
    Your bank details will only be shared with the guests at the checkout page and via email once they have confirmed the booking.

💡 Note: With Paypal and Bank transfers it is not possible to schedule automatic subsequent payments or make automatic refunds. You can only schedule to send automatic payment requests via your automatic Email Notifications

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