Get Analytics of your Website

To improve the performance of your website it is essential to know your visitors.

Analyze their behavior while visiting your website, their  demographic data, how they found you, etc. You can answer all those questions and more using simple analytical tools such as Google Analytics. It is the most well known tool available, nevertheless there are other analytical tools such as mixpanel or kissmetrics with which you can connect through ""

You will be able to see what city or country your visitors live in and from which site or banner they clicked through to your vacation rental website. This will help you to make decisions regarding structure and design of your website as well as choosing precisely your Meta Keywords.

You can track down your visits with Google Analytics or other analytics services such as mixpanel, kismetrics, etc. through "" by following these steps.

Step 1: Go to the "Settings" section of your website

  • Choose the website you want to edit, click on "Edit" and select "Settings".

Step 2: Set up your Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics has a standard account which is free and provides you with all the necessary data for your vacation rental business (go to Google Analytics to sign up). When creating your free account Google gives you a Tracking ID similar to this one "UA-41124620-2".
  • Enter the "Statistics" tab and insert your Google Analytics ID.

Step 3: Set up your

  • Lodgify is integrated with "".
  • You can integrate with numerous analytics services such as mixpanel or kissmetrics.
  • is a single, simple integration that gives you access to 70+ Analytics and Marketing Tools.
  • Create an account with "".
  • Enter the "Secret" and "API" keys.

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